On Thursday, Dec. 3, at 7 pm, our chapter sponsors an online meeting with Kentucky authors

Dan and Judy Dourson

who will introduce their book

Wildflowers and Ferns of Red River Gorge and the Greater Red River Basin


Dan and Judy will discuss the rich biodiversity of the gorge and its watershed. Dan is a wildlife biologist and the author of 10 books. Judy is an educator, researcher, field technician and editor. They live and work in the gorge.

Over 1500 plants are currently known to grow in this unique ecosystem. The Doursons’ book describes the more common species as well as the rare and endangered plants they have encountered. It includes some non-flowering plant groups like green algae, fungi, lichens and mosses, as well as some woody vines, shrubs and trees. The book is an excellent guide for the casual hiker as well as a resource for the seasoned naturalist.


Our meetings are open to the public unless otherwise noted. The link to this and other online meetings appears in our Newsletter which we send to our  members and Friends. If you are not a recipient of our monthly Newsletter but want to receive it, send us a message to sign up.


Traditionally, on the first Thursday of December we have had a casual gathering at St. Michael’s Church with a seed exchange and sometimes also a book exchange. We shared holiday food and talked about seed propagation. This year we will not come together in person for our traditional holiday gathering at a location where we can bring seeds for exchange. But for those among us who want to share in the bounty of seeds that Nature provides each year, we can still offer and receive native plant seeds through our chapter’s online plant exchange.  The instructions for joining the plant exchange are here.