Thursday, June 1, 2023, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Alicia Bosela: Looking Forward to the Fall Garden

St. Michael’s Church, 2025 Bellefonte Drive, Lexington

At the beginning of summer, gardens are lush and full of promise. It’s easy to forget that change in the garden is as inevitable as the arrival of September. With a little planning the fall display of colors, forms and textures can be stunning, not to mention the frantic activity of insects buzzing over flowers to provision their nests for winter. Alicia will provide guidance on how the display of the fall garden can be enhanced and managed.

Alicia is the owner of Ironweed Nursery https://www.ironweednursery.com/Default.asp. She will bring plants for sale.

As always, we will have refreshments and social time starting at 6:30. Our program begins at 7.

This is a public event and visitors are welcome


Saturday, June 3, 10 – noon and Sunday, June 4, 2-4 pm

Garden Visit

2004 Lampton Circle, Lexington

This lovely suburban garden slopes from the house to the bank of the Elkhorn Creek. Over 250 species of plants, of which 80% are native and quite a few are uncommon, grow in 8 distinct beds, all meticulously maintained. Ann Witherington, the owner and a former biology professor, who taught botany, provides clear and accurate plant labels, which encourage visitors to take a self-guided tour.

But Ann has created something much more than an extraordinary teaching garden. She has brought her imagination to play in designing a space that invites strolling through. Her beds accommodate themselves beautifully to the sloping terrain, and the overall effect is that of an ordered but also richly suggestive landscape.

The garden is open on both Saturday and Sunday for 2 hrs. each day.




Every Monday 2-4 pm

Come and Help Remove Invasive Plants at Hisle Park

 The address is 3551 Briar Hill Road, Lexington. We gather in the parking lot in front of the barn or sometimes along the driveway. We meet weekly at this time.

Honeysuckle removed around a large pond at Hisle Park

A bit of background: From the covid month of November 2020 to June 2022, a group of volunteers met weekly to remove bush honeysuckle, wintercreeper, and other invasives from areas near the park entrance and driveway. Our work was very successful and made a big visual impact. We resumed our work in the fall of 2022 and will meet through the winter and spring. The plan is to tackle regrowth as well as new areas to clear.

Please join us if you can. Bring clippers, loppers and a handsaw if you have them though we have some to loan out. Be sure to bring your own gloves.

Questions? Ask us through our contact page.



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