The Lexington chapter of Wild Ones does not publicize a sale or event through its member email list, unless the sale or event is organized or co-sponsored by the chapter.

The Lexington chapter of Wild Ones provides information on its website about commercial native plants sellers in the broader Lexington area. A commercial plant seller is a person or business that charges sales tax. If you wish to be listed on our website as a commercial seller of native plants, please contact us through the “Contact” page of this website.

The following native plant sales may be publicized through one or both of our other media outlets (chapter website or Facebook):

1.) Periodic special sales offered by commercial sellers

2.) Occasional sales events undertaken by Wild Ones members or community groups or partnering organizations for the purpose of raising money for a benefit. The benefit must be clearly stated.

A native plant sale is a sale where the majority of plants sold are native to Eastern North America. The sale may not include any plants that appear on the invasive species list of the Kentucky Invasive Plant Council: www.se-eppc.org/ky/