About us

The Lexington Chapter of Wild Ones is an environmental advocacy group that promotes the use of native plants in private gardens and public landscapes. Plants that are native to our region thrive here because they are adapted to our climate. They feed our local insects and sustain the higher order fauna of our region. Many native plants are stunningly beautiful and make great garden plants. In fact, gardening with natives is Nature’s way.

Our Chapter

  •  Holds monthly meetings with educational programs and opportunities to network and socialize
  • Organizes hikes and field trips in the Bluegrass
  • Offers a plant exchange each May as well as an online exchange at https://groups.io/g/lexwildones
  • Manages a wildflower garden at Wellington Park in Lexington
  • Organizes a volunteer group that removes invasive plants at Hisle Park
  • Awards an annual grant to our members for landscaping projects on public and private ground
  • Partners with other organizations to maximize our impact


    Early spring work day with Wild Ones members at our Wellington Park garden