Plant Exchange

Please join us!

Native Plant Exchange & Raffle

Thursday May 2, 2024

5:45 pm social time and viewing of the plants

6:15 pm exchange begins

St. Michael’s Church, 2025 Bellefonte Dr.

Small participation fee: $5 for members, $8 for non-members

Cash or checks only

We will have our annual exchange of native plants on May 2nd in the church parking lot.  There will also be a raffle for garden and nature-related items.

Items to be exchanged can be seeds, perennials, grasses and sedges, shrubs, trees or vines.  Plants brought for exchange must be native to the Eastern United States.  Cultivars of a native plant are acceptable.  Plants should be potted if dug up several weeks before the exchange. If they are dug on the day of the exchange, their roots can be kept moist in wet newspaper surrounded by a plastic bag. Each plant must be labeled.  All participants get to choose several plants to take home.

Early drop off will be in a marked area in the upper parking lot starting Wednesday, May 1st.

Participants who have no plants to offer can contribute a beverage or something to eat. This event is also a party and an opportunity to meet fellow gardeners. Participants may want to bring some food, wine or beer to share.

We charge a small fee for participating in the plant exchange since this is our only fundraiser. Wild Ones Members pay $5, non-members pay $8. Cash and checks only.



In addition, we host an online plant exchange which functions year round. Wild Ones members and non-members can participate, but every participant must be approved by a group administrator.

To become a participant, you need to sign up at Scroll down to “Group Email Addresses” and click on “Subscribe”. Follow instructions and wait for our approval. Once approved, you will have to create a password and then you can post the plants you want to give away as well as any plants  you are looking for. When you offer or request something, please put your plant(s) in the subject line, and say whether this is a plant offer or a request. To respond to a post, you directly contact the person who made the offer or the request and arrange for pick-up or delivery.

To participate in the exchange, you don’t have to offer a plant to the group for every plant you receive. Experience tells us that long-time native plant gardeners have lots of plants to give and new ones are greatly in need of plants. So, we hope that group members will offer plants generously and receive them gratefully according to their ability and need.

This group functions as a Listserve, which means you potentially receive all the emails posted to the group. But in “Settings”, you can arrange how, when or whether you want to receive these emails with plant offerings or requests: you can receive an email every time someone makes a post, or emails can be  bundled in groups of twelve, or you can receive them every morning, or not at all. You can also unsubscribe, of course.

Also, please keep in mind the Wild Ones growers and sellers of native plants who are listed on this  website under “Resources” and then “Plant Sellers” in the menu bar above.