The grant funds a project that generates public appreciation for native plant landscapes. Grant funds can be used to create a new garden or expand an existing garden. The maximum grant award is $500.

Eligible Projects

 The garden area must be in a county where at least one Wild Ones member lives. It must be located on a site that is open to the public at all times: a park, public greenspace, school, library, church, the public area of a homeowners association, a not-for-profit institution or a business with publicly accessible grounds. Gardens on private residential properties are not eligible. (The application must include a written project approval from the location’s owner.)

Eligible Applicants

The applicant must be a Lexington Wild Ones chapter member.  Chapter members may apply on behalf of a group to which they will provide guidance and oversight to ensure the grant goals are achieved.

Eligible Expenses

Grant funds may be used for plants, seeds, or garden materials such as mulch, stone, garden edging, etc. Grant funds should not be used for labor.


Applications Due April 16, 2021
Award Date May 3, 2021
Outcome Report October 29, 2021
Wild Ones Event Garden Tour 2022

Award Criteria

Grants are awarded based on the proposal’s suitability to the site and the project’s long-term sustainability. If no suitable or sustainable project is proposed, a grant is not awarded this year.

Before grant funds can be distributed an expense prospectus based on the garden design must be submitted. The prospectus should outline how much money will be spent on shrubs (include number and container size), herbaceous plants (include number and container size), mulch (include quantity) or other items.  Once the prospectus has been reviewed, the Wild Ones Treasurer will issue a check for the grant funds.

Outcome Reporting

1.) Provide a list of all grant-covered expenses and receipts.

2.) Submit a brief description of positive and negative experiences, and lessons learned from them (200 to 400 words). Timeline photos of the garden are suggested for inclusion.


Application Form for Wild Ones Grant 2021

 Applicant Information

  1. Name (must be a Wild Ones member)
  2. Phone
  3. Email
  4. Group or organization involved (if any)
  5. Project Description

Please describe the project including:

  1. Location
  2. Site preparation plan
  3. Type of garden planned (rain garden, pollinator garden, shade garden, stream buffer or other)
  4. Predominant plants to be included
  5. How the public would access this location

III. Future Garden Management

Describe the future management of the garden created at this location. Name the person and/or organization that will take responsibility for its upkeep (200 words or less).

  1. Attach the following:
  2. Written permission from owner.
  3. A picture of the project location as it currently exists.

Submit Your Proposal

Send a paper copy with all attachments to Laura Cole, 1511 Thames Drive, Lexington, KY 40517.


Members of the grant committee are prepared to offer support and advice, when asked, prior to submission and throughout the project period. They will also continue to be available for consultation about the management of the garden after completion. Please email Beate Popkin [email protected] with questions.